Financing Addiction Treatment

Far and wide, Cape Town is known for many famous places and fun things to do when you are visiting the Mother City. Unfortunately, there a certain things that dim Cape Town’s shine. Not all that glitters is gold right? Addiction to drugs is on the upswing and finding a decent rehab in Cape Town is easy, finding the finance is a bit harder. Rehab centres are not cheap and not always covered by medical aid and hospital plans.

financial aid

Addiction is the common denominator facing the Capetonian youth and even full grown adults. There is nothing worse than seeing a young man who has got a great life ahead of him fall victim because of alcohol addiction. Alcohol, drug addiction or even gambling addiction takes precious lives away and it steals them from their ambitions, families and talents. Picotifin are experienced in assisting families or individuals whose medical aid schemes do not cover treatment for addiction.

It all starts as a hype to just fit in for many young people or just a way to get off some steam for adults but it does more harm than good. The families of these addicts are always the ones who are affected by what the addicts are doing. It is an unbearable sight for a parent to watch their aspiring 18 year old soccer star start drinking excessively without being able to control them or their tantrums.

It is always the loved ones who have to pick up the pieces. The worst part is how oblivious addicts become when they are hurting the people that only want what’s best for them. They don’t even begin to realize the time they are wasting can never be regained. Nothing good comes from drug addiction or any addiction for that matter. It only leaves scars in everything that belongs to you. That level of “high” you get when you are taking cocaine does not compare to the pain of losing everything you once adored. It is not worth losing everything you cherish. In fact, nothing is.

People who honestly love you will also care about your wellbeing and condition. Being drunk leaves you with nothing but shame, loneliness and financial difficulties. It is common that most people don’t think of sex as being an addiction. Man people turn a blind eye regarding sex addiction because people tend to think it is okay to love too much sex. However, believe it or not, sex addiction has broken many marriages, torn apart relationships and separated many homes. Fortunately Liberty Home is one of the few drug rehabilitation centres in Cape Town that cater for sex addiction as well.

A married couple should strive for eternal happiness and contentment. They should be friends first and lovers second, rooted on love and grounded on commitment. What happens when your vows get disrespected? How do you react when the one person who promised to never hurt you starts giving you sleepless nights? Sometimes the best thing you can do for your marriage or relationship is found out what went wrong.

On many occasions, people mostly couples who have been together for a long time tends to get bored in the relationship. They start looking for excitement elsewhere. These bored stiff individuals always make it seem harmless at first but what starts as just having fun leads to having sex every week. Before you know it, you start having sex every day with countless women.

Whether it is the same women or different women, you can no longer control the thirst of yearning to caress another woman.  What once started at mere flirting is now a sexual drug that is ruining your marriage and fatherhood. It is a sad sight that there are men who still justify having sex with different women as a natural element of their manhood. Men were meant to love their wives, respect their families and protect their households.

The truth of the matter is addiction is out there and it is killing everybody and anybody who allows it to destroy them. The choice is yours to make and whether you admit that you need help or not, addiction will suck you dry if you don’t stand up against it, fight it and win!